Picture of me, doing what i do best, being retarded.

Picture of me, doing what i do best, being retarded.

Ok so this page is called about, but i guess I’m going to split it into two sections, one about me personally, and two, about CIMG.

So ill start about me i was born on the 15 April 1994, yeah Im pretty young right…? I was brought up in a rough, lets be honest my life wasn’t great when i was a young child, it was constant moving to different areas across London. I guess you could of called my life then pretty low standard but my parents never gave up, life was fine as we had each other and loved each other. So yeah as i said they never gave up and we gradually moved to better areas, where we live now, which is pretty damn good. Life at the moment is amazing it couldn’t get any better. I sit today writing this on my mac, in my personal design office.

As you guessed by my young age i have, a small amount of experience in design however my mind is a million miles ahead of most humans. Recently I’ve been busy, with my final GCSE exams, which i plan to go to college after and study; Graphic design, Physics, Further maths and Further business. Then university … well thats the dream anyways. So i have to end all this jibberish about me and move on about CIMG, ok well i started this company six months back, before that i had created a couple design companies that where named, well lets keep that personal as they were pretty embarrassing names. So yeah i started this company called CIMG which then was actually called CI (Creative Ice) but later on got the extra MG (Media Group) as i started to do other things including design, such as: fashion and photography. So thats a history lecture of CIMG in a nutshell.

Today CIMG, mainly focuses on design and creates cutting edge graphics for our clients.

Enough about me.


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